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Rick Barkley


Rick Barkley is a successful tech entrepreneur who has been fascinated by the biotech space and what we can achieve to help solve some of the big problems facing humankind. Millions of people are affected by rare diseases and there is not currently an easy answer on how to solve this problem. Rick believes that personalized medicines and therapeutics will be the catalyst that changes the future. He has a BBA and an MBA in Finance and is a self taught software engineer.

Casey McPherson

Chief Innovation Officer

In 2018, Casey’s youngest daughter Rose was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, HNRNPH2. He is currently working in the scientific field to bring genetic treatments to children across rare diseases. He founded and runs the non-profit, To Cure a Rose Foundation, and is the co-founder of Everlum Bio, a biotech company seeking to ensure everyone has a cure to their rare disease. He is an advocate of the sound-health connection, using music to engage the brain to improve communication and motor function in children with rare neurological diseases like his daughter Rose.


Rodney A. Bowling

Chief Science Officer

Rodney Bowling Received his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences in 2008 From Texas A&M University Health Science Center Institute of Bioscience and Technology. He has innovated drug development with a multidisciplinary approach, managing large teams of scientists through challenging and rewarding projects to produce therapeutics. Many of these therapeutics are now undergoing FDA and international trials . Rodney’s joy is his 6 healthy children. Rodney and his family have walked along side dear friends and supported them through childhood illnesses and deaths. He is acutely aware of the blessings upon his own family and dedicated to helping others find health and happiness. Rodney serves as Chief Scientific Officer for To Cure A Rose, a non-profit to benefit Rosie, and other families. Rosie is a precious little girl with a monogenetic disease, whose condition left untreated will only worsen. Rodney is also Chief Scientific Officer of Everlum Bio; Rodney is helping Rosie and many other children through empathetic, personalized, therapeutics.